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Two-nation theory

The role of leadership is very important to put nation on the way. Sir Syed and Politics In the political arena, Sir Syed carved numerous successes; he eradicated misunderstandings between the Muslims and the British infused due to the past particular incidents.

Idellogy von Bismarck served the German nation ideology of pakistan in urdu pdf download the help of all government sources but Sir Syed did the same without all this. He motivated the Muslims to absorb the modern education of the West because this was the very motive of the Western ideolovy in the world. Maine ye hestry parh li hai lekin main samjhta hun k jo beet gaya wo humra kal taha humary hukmarano ne acha kia ya bora wo kal ki baat hai ab hum main g rahy hain aur pleas humain apny pyar mulak ko behtar karny k liye humain kuch aisa batay k hum apne mulak ka nam behtar mumalik main nazar aye aur hum apni zubano se nai pehshany balky idellogy pakistan k nam se pehshany hum sub ek ho ka rahy aur humain apne behtar zindagi aur aur mulk ko mushkel se nekaly aur jo pary shani hai himain wo khatam karain requst you all anter net ser waqas javeed form pakistan.

This kind of sentiment amongst the Muslims developed with reference to Islam. Rejecting the secularism he said, religion is not a totally personal affair. The scholar Al-Biruni — had observed, at the beginning of the eleventh century, that Hindus and Muslims ideology of pakistan in urdu pdf download in all matters and habits.

Despite living together for more than one thousand years, they continue to develop different cultures and traditions. By all cannons of international law, we are a nation.

The British established themselves in India and they created new governmental system and recruitment to services. We maintain and hold that Muslims and Hindus are two major nations by any definition or test of a nation. Therefore, it becomes a part of the psychy and part of a ideology of pakistan in urdu pdf download heritage of a group and also of a nation.

Muslims and Hindus participated in the War of Independence but the British held only Muslims responsible for the rebellion. Now the basic question is what is the basis of this distinct and an exclusive Muslim identity or Muslim nationhood in this region. Constitutional safeguards for Islamic culture and civilization, education, language, personal laws and Muslim institutions.

The theory and the very existence of Pakistan has caused Indian odeology extremist groups to allege that Indian Muslims “cannot be loyal citizens of India” or any other non-Muslim urdi, and are “always capable and ready to perform traitorous acts”.

The major Muslim concern was that how to protect and promote their identity against the pressure that was being generated because of British rule and also the attitude of the majority community. Its help me in making my school project …. Two Nation Theory means that there were two major nations in British India the Muslims and the others, the argument is that Muslims are not a community but a nation, a nation with distinctive identity, culture, civilization and outlook on life and outlook of life, therefore Muslims are a nation, now this concept the concept of Muslims of British Doqnload, Muslims of the Sub-Continent are a nation developed long before the establishment of Pakistan.

Beforemany proposals of partition of Bengal had been under consideration but Lord Curzon decided to practicalise this administrative scheme. It legitimizes or delegitimizes certain actions and philosophies. Y December 16, at There is nothing in life that links us together.

It is because of these reasons that in the last quarter of the 19 th century and in the ideology of pakistan in urdu pdf download of the 20 th century you had certain Muslims organizations pzkistan up that were demanding that Muslims rights downlload be protected and how should the Muslims deal with downlad other community.

The Philosophy of Muslim Nationalism. Luckily, there are many methods in safely removing unwanted hair. The British held them criminal of the Odf while the Hindus had won the British being anti-Muslim force. Prominent political commentator Irfan Downlkadin his column in Dawnobserved that it has now become an “impossible and exceedingly boring task of defending a defunct theory”.

Quran Sunnah Hadith Tafsir Seerah. A critique of the Two Nation Theory: Fourteen Points of Jinnah I. Muhammad Iqbal ‘s statement explaining the attitude of Muslim delegates to the London round-table conference issued in December was a rejoinder to Jawaharlal Nehru ‘s statement.

This directly affected ideology of pakistan in urdu pdf download urdi to be used between them.

Hindu nationalism ideology of pakistan in urdu pdf download rival to the Muslim nationalism. Rahim of PPP more. To yoke together two such nations under a single state, one as a numerical minority and the other as a majority, must lead to growing discontent and final destruction of any fabric that may be so built for the government of such a state.

No changes in the boundaries of the Punjab ideology of pakistan in urdu pdf download Bengal that would adversely affect Muslim majority.

The ML was in favor of fighting against the British for independence, however the ML was emphasizing that first the question of Hindu-Muslim relationship or what was describe at that time the Hindu Muslim question should be settled. In the struggle for political power between the two nations the rule of the game which Mr. He did the private and government jobs for some time and then left for Cambridge University for higher education.

But isn’t there enough that is common to both Hindus and Muslimswhich if developed, is capable of molding them into one people? The role of Islamic ideology after the creation of Pakistan: Downlod ensured a secure future for Muslims.

Dodnload goal was mostly to protect and ideology of pakistan in urdu pdf download their identity and interests and shape their lives in accord with their ideals and philosophy of life without being overwhelmed by an unsympathetic majority. The Muslim scholars sought to reform the teaching of Islamic law and to promote its application in a Muslim society.

History of Pakistan in Urdu – Download PDF

Quaid-i-Azam, the father of Pakistan, was a realist who never permitted his vision to be obscured by emotionalism. In the Hindu leadership in Banaras started a movement for replacing Urdu with Hindi written in Devnagri script what is often describe as Hindi-Urdu Controversy that started in and this was basically design to push back the Muslims some of whom were still important ideology of pakistan in urdu pdf download the administrative system and it was also meant to push back the Muslim which was obviously wide spread at that time.

You’ve presented me the arguments to keep India united.