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Download Infosys Placement Papers with Answers in PDF

October 14, at Assuming that the production increases uniformly by a fixed number every year, what is the production in the tenth year? Some ants are parrots. September 10, at Some pens are papers. Tell me about yourself. A is to the right of B and E. The mean salary of 25 of them is Rs. The Difficulty level of questions is moderate. How do you feel about working nights and weekends? Only 1 conclusion follows Only 2 conclusion follows Either 1 or 2 follows Neither 1 nor 2 follows Answer: C is on the second position from the right.

Candidates have to answers 40 questions in 35 minutes. September 20, at 8: I have infosys placement this month please help me to get place, I need a suggestion of what to study and where to study those type of questions and what type of preparation is needed for technical round, please reply quickly as soon as possible…… Thanking You.

Some infosys placement papers 2011 answers pdf download are pencils. There is good chances that you may get call from infosys if you try amcat exam. Dear Students for all infosys placement papers 2011 answers pdf download of placement placement papers stay updated with us.

Some tixo are mangoes. Find his real gain percent.

[Updated] Infosys Placement Papers with Solution PDF Download – 01

What are the speeds of the train and of the car? How much did C receive if all the four work together? Dear candidates, you can obtain Infosys Placement Papers easily through this page.

Recruitment procedure consists 2 placemetn which are specified below: Mail will not be published Required. December 8, at 6: The budget for food was Rs.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. All the harmoniums are flutes. Download Infosys Placement Papers through this page!!!

Verbal Ability — The Candidates must be aware that the Infosys is probably the company which focus on verbal ability more. How many students attended the picnic? Can I get infosys placement paper for practice,bcoz in above pdf there is no verbal ability and no logical reasoning. Posted On February 23, by admin. October 22, at 7: All the singers are dancers.

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Only 1 conclusion follows Either 1 or 2 follows Only 2 conclusion follows Neither 1 nor 2 follows Answer: A sum of Rs.

Tixo is a yellow.

The ratio of the number of boys to that of the girls that appeared in the examination is. Can u please post it. What is the time taken by the second train to cross the bridge? All the harmoniums are instruments. Some mangoes are yellow. Makes Your Brain Work Better.

The average score of the school is The prices of petrol and diesel in the domestic market have remained unchanged for placemdnt past few months. The crude oil prices in the international market have gone up substantially in the last few months. No singer is actor. Our Facebook Page Link — Click here to like.

All the flutes are instruments. Enter your infosys placement papers 2011 answers pdf download address: October 7, at 2: Infosys Recruitment Details Question 6: July 29, at 9: