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This is mainly because of the aversion we develop during our history classes in school, courtesy the insipid and tedious nature of the school curriculum focusing on ‘when and what’ rather than ‘why and how’.

Midnight’s citizens

India After Gandhi was highly afteer, and offered a deeply analytical look at India’s history. The first elections were held inwith some one hundred seven million voters. Merging culture, politics, language, and literature, this is a path breaking volume that adds downloar to our understanding of a nation that looks set to achieve much in the coming century. Guha also does an excellent of job of downloda and then tracking the rise of Hindu sectarianism and fundamentalism in the 80s and 90s mainly centered around the conflict over Ayodhya.

Neither is there an over-emphasize on India’s poverty to garner western attention nor is there a one-sided sing-song praise of the Indian State. And you know how big a deal that is in India. After a peripatetic academic career, with Ramachandra Guha was born in Dehradun inand educated in Delhi and Calcutta.

I was struck with wonder and excitement at the vision and idealism of our leaders and the effort expended by them to make India a prominent nation among nations. Guha’s book examines all aspects of this nation with a critical eye, offering facts and analysis, and avoids glowing prose in favour of realistic analysis. I now know much more than when I had started this book. What happened after that was never mentioned or discussed.

India After Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy by Ramachandra Guha

It will remain a mystery as to how India managed to survive, but the author provides his insights on the topic. Many of these states were small collections of villages, but some were massive, and yearned for independence.

In essence, India was the first modern complete democracy. This is idnia because Congress was in power for most of our history since independence. He is honoured in India as Father of the Nation. I can dpf later which point of view I shall consider things from. A Global History and The Unquiet Woodsamong others, and a current resident of Bangalore, writes of what he knows.

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He fought hard to keep India from succumbing to Communalism on one had, and Communism on the other. Rather than lingering on Gandhi’s own well-studied words, Mr Guha has unearthed a wealth afger previously overlooked school reports, diaries, letters and articles by collaborators and opponents of Gandhi.

Add both to Cart Add both to List. At its worst, it is complicit in mass violence, such as the rioting in Gujarat in Those from the untouchable Caste struggled to find employment, and were discriminated against in every day life.

Then Partition, the original sin of our creation-myth, for which blame is apportioned to a variety of people – Jinnah, the British, Nehru, Gandhi – but more commonly to the ordinary Muslim citizen. With all the surprises, the setbacks and, the pandemonium that is associated with Indian’s freedom, we can surely say that democracy has not lost “India is no longer a constitutional democracy but a populist one”this is one of the hard hitting ideas which this book puts forward.

This anti-Sikh riots was a systematic killing of Sikhs by Congress and its sycophant Leaders which can be verified by other books on the subject and various other verifiable sources. The government has not always served as a fair mediator between religious factions.

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He was safe as a motor pool mechanic, but then the Ar Trivia About India After Gook The Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport is the airport in India which offers a wide range of facilities in all sectors and provides useful links. Animal Experimentation In India – Navs: His successor in the Congress, Jawaharlal Nehru strove to keep Gandhi’s vision going.

His web site is http: Still it is good to see that author should talk about those things that make us at least more Indian afterr our politicians ever did. View all 3 comments. Nevertheless, a good read because it gives you a sweeping glance at the country’s recent past and some very interesting perspectives. The prizes they have won include the U.

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Highly recommended for those looking to read about India and its incredible journey from colony to colossus. Nowhere does one feel that some issues were left out, or downplayed, or exaggerated. What happened to that?